Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winging It - Now Under Contract

So as you may have heard, Morgan James and I got a contract from Dreamspinner Press for our hockey romance Winging It. Since I had to fill in a lengthy form and work out a rough blurb anyway, I thought I'd share.

Gabe Martin’s life plan goes something like this: get into the NHL; win the Stanley Cup. Nowhere is there room for being the first out-and-proud hockey player or, worse, getting involved with one of his teammates. But this year things change.

Dante Baltierra is Gabe’s polar opposite: careless, reckless… shameless. But his dedication to the sport matches Gabe’s fine, and Gabe can overlook a lot of young-and-stupid in the name of great hockey. Plus, Dante has a superlative ass in a sport filled with superlative asses.

Before he can figure out how to deal, Gabe gets thrown out of his comfortable closet into a brand-new world. Amid the emotional turmoil of invasive questions, nasty speculation, and on- and off-ice homophobia, Gabe’s game suffers.

Surprisingly, it’s Dante who drags him out of it—and then, after an intense game, he drags him into something else. Nothing good can come of secretly sleeping with a teammate, especially one Gabe already has feelings for. But with their captain out with an injury, a rookie in perpetual need of a hug, and the race to make the playoffs for the first time since 1995, Gabe has a lot on his plate. He can’t be blamed for forgetting nothing stays secret forever.

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