Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sheepskin - Free Short!

A few months ago, for the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet, I wrote a free novella companion to Hair of the Dog. Now that the crazy summer of travel is behind me, I've gotten around to figuring out how to share it with the Internet as a whole. Surprise!

While Sheepskin is set in the same general universe as Hair of the Dog, no prior knowledge is required. It's a cheeky, fluffy paranormal mystery set in a tiny back corner of the Netherlands called Dinxperlo.

After finishing a degree in criminology, dual citizen Jansen van der Westhuizen takes his American stepbrother, Miguel, home to the Netherlands to meet West's mother (and escape the ex-girlfriend who tried to run him over). But what West intended as a relaxing couple of months getting drunk and/or stoned and avoiding adult responsibility for one more summer turns into a supernatural adventure when Miguel gets bitten by a... well, a were-sheepdog? If that's even a thing.

And that gets West and Miguel tangled up with the local pack and its ├╝berhot new alpha, Graeme Bryant, an American transplant. Graeme has two beefs with the biting. One, nobody filed the paperwork to turn another lycan and this is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare. Two, biting people against their will is against every rule in the book and that means he has to track down whoever did it. If that means spending a lot of one-on-one time with West, well, that's just a sacrifice he'll have to make.
An excerpt: